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About a year ago, I wrote about how to write graphic novels, and it's a mighty fine post if I do say so myself. Because of that piece, I was just emailed for some more specific resources, since I have other work to do, making some time to answer was very attractive. 
I also want to be at least 1/10 as generous to aspiring comickers as pros were to me when I started out. (They were pretty damn generous, 1/10 of that is a really lofty goal.) Not be be discounted is the time-saving aspect of being able to grunt, "There," and point to a URL when I'm asked for a starting place.

The best place to start, based on recommendations I got when I polled my Twitter stream is Lots of resources, places to get critiques, and to hook up with an artist.

Some resources on how to get a handle on that pesky creature that is "What should my script look like?":

Lots of script and proposal samples from veteran writer Dwayne McDuffie:

A good and short article by Tim Stout about script format:
(There's lots more at Tim's site on writing GNs.)

Get that script written first, before ANYTHING else, then follow with letting people read it and critique it, certainly before submitting it.

Try hanging out on Twitter and following comics people and see what they're talking about, read their books and talk to them about their work, and so on. Socialize. Network. Enjoy meeting them without the crush of a convention happening around you both. Post links to your work. (But not too much, says the person who's on it too much.)

At last, 99 words on failing:
My best advice: if you're going to fail, FAIL BIG. Don't be afraid to. If the wheels come off the bus (and they probably will at least once, it's the lot of comickers and other storytellers and creatives), be a splashy (yet gracious and good-natured) disaster.
I promise you, no matter how awful you think something is, at least one other person (besides you) is going to love it. And you'll learn from it. 

After that, as my good friend David Seidman (and editor and writer himself) says, "It's not how you fall, but how you get back up."  

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roaring dragon, spore, monster friday
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