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Hello again!
I've got a Kickstarter campaign to raise money for my newest graphic novel, THE GARLICKS: Pandora Orange, Fail Vampire, which will be a 140-page digitally painted, full-color, all-ages comic, my first new graphic novel in SEVEN YEARS. I want to work on THE GARLICKS full time, then print it as a graphic novel.

And I need your help in funding an ambitious amount: $40,000. ($25. or so at a time. A LOT of $25.'s, that is.)

I'll explain why I need that much, then tell you how awesome THE GARLICKS is and what it's about, then ask you to pledge at least $25. (but you can pledge less guilt-free) for REWARDS and GOODIES like signed and sketched copies of the finished book, customized pencil cases and art.
Then I'll say "pretty please tell all your friends," because without this campaign catching fire, going viral, reaching critical mass, it's not going to fund and that would SUCK LEMONS.
(BTW, if this Kickstarter doesn't fund, you are charged NOTHING. Your money doesn't get paid to me unless I succeed.)

But first, an exciting video of me making ART!

That's how THE GARLICKS is going to look. A pretty new style for me!
You can read the first THE GARLICKS story HERE: http://thegarlicks.net.

Holy cow, $40,000?!
$40,000. sounds like a lot until you know that if THE GARLICKS meets its goal, Kickstarter, Amazon, and the IRS take $10,000 right off the top. The remaining $30,000. is split 50/50 between me earning a page rate to draw it so I can deliver 3 pages a week as a webcomic to fans and followers, and then printing trades of the comic, having rewards made and mailing the whole lot out.  (I expect postage alone to run $2,000., never mind addressing and stuffing hundreds of envelopes!)
I want THE GARLICKS to be a full-time job because I want to bring my readers a new book after a seven-year hiatus. And eat, roof over the head, take care of burly teenage son. The wee things.

What's it About, Lea?
THE GARLICKS is told from the point of view of Pandora, a vampire with zero vampire abilities and the big sister of baby Pamila (who's usually called Ham), who seems to have gotten everything Pandora didn't, like being able to shapeshift into an adorable flying fish and eat meat.
Pandora turns to her passion, making comics, and chooses her family as her muses: the exhausting Ham, her father Vourdain, (a flower-eating barista), her mother Olive (who is butcher), and their house/business, Orange Espresso and Meats.
Pandora thinks her problems begin when she puts a suffocating Ham (in her fishbat form) in a toilet to save her life, but things really get crazy when the catch the attention of Maxim, a boy who can see monsters, and three rock-stupid but very dangerous demon hunters.
Pan quickly finds out that the only thing worse than having no time to draw stories is having entirely too much material to draw from.

I need your help to make THE GARLICKS a job for me and a book for YOU, my LiveJournal ninja followers. if just HALF of you pledge $25. for a signed and sketched trade of THE GARLICKS, I'm $5,000. closer to my goal, and I'd be at 25% funded.
And if you tell five pals and one decides to listen to you because you are ALWAYS right, I'll have about another $5,000., and ALL of you have books to read and share and talk to each other about, and I eat Skittles and drink coffee and make comics.

Thank you SO MUCH. Please back me and spread the word! If you can't back, talk THE GARLICKS Kickstarter up, tell your journalist friends, etc. It all helps!

That Kickstarter for THE GARLICKS link again: THE GARLICKS, Pandora Orange, Fail Vampire.

And that first THE GARLICKS story at http://thegarlicks.net.


May. 30th, 2012 11:50 am (UTC)
At first I was impressed that every link in the above showed as visited...then I realized there's really only two links. ;)


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