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Attention Conservation Notice: you can just go straight here to read/see/pledge to/share THE GARLICKS Indiegogo campaign (especially if you pledged before and would like to pledge again):


First: THANK YOU for your support of THE GARLICKS on Kickstarter! It meant a lot!

You may recall the last time I was here that I was one week from finishing my Kickstarter, with $30,000. to go. I gave it my best until the last hour, called it, made a thank-you video, and started planning my next campaign: which was to re-launch THE GARLICKS on Indiegogo!

With the help of Astro City creator Kurt Busiek, I retooled the book (from one 160-page book to 4 60-page books) and campaign so my goal would be $19,000 instead of $40,000. Since I raised just under $17,000 with Kickstarter, this is an achievable goal. Yay achievable goals!  


There are all the best incentives: signed books, prints, magnets, custom sketched books featuring Kurt Busiek eating a bug of your choice, a library of all my graphic novels, and so on.

THE GARLICKS still needs you! With the money raised, I will be able to pay for production and printing of the first volume and get my new book out into the world! 

If you can't support financially right now, you can still help a LOT by going to THE GARLICKS campaign page and using the Like, Tweet, G+, Share, Email and Favorite buttons. These not only get my project in front of more people, they keep me on the front page of Indiegogo's Comics Page, and move me up in their Popular section--all of which lead to more pledges!

In case you missed it, THE GARLICKS promo art:


That URL one more time:


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