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Dangerous Beauty

The LJ of Lea Hernandez

Lea Hernandez-DivaLea
11 March
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  • divalea@livejournal.com
Lea Hernandez (AKA Lea Ada Franco) is a twenty-plus years comics veteran who has worked in
every aspect of comics production and publishing in traditional print
and on the web. Lea is a webcomics pioneer, an innovator in packaging and
marketing of graphic novels, and one of the first American cartoonists
to merge manga aesthetics with illustration and comics art. Her OEL
graphic novel series include Texas Steampunk and the pop satire Rumble
Her clients and publishers include NBM Publications, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Oni Press, Impact Books, Dr. Janet Realini MPH, Desert Tribe Productions, Austin Books, Anime Iowa, and many more.