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Holy Cow! And Other News

I am Writing This...from a Mac G4!
king-cheetah from deviantART (link is somewhat NSFW) built me a Mac for Photoshoppin'. I used the kids' Gateway tower while I was working on CBT, because it was supahcheap to soup it up to 3GB of RAM so I could work with 600DPI files. (PShop is all about the RAM and CPU, not at all about the video card.)

Anyway, it was time to surrender the Gateway (with the 3GB of RAM still in, sob, sob, I hate giving back that much RAM). The biggest obstacle to surrender was lack of Intarwubs on the Mac, because I gots no Airport, and those bitches are EXPENSIVE! It took me a while to work it, but with some online help from and persistence, I got my eensy Linksys receiver to shake hands with our home network, and here I am!

Now, for a bit more RAM in this computer, and I'm good!
Me on a Mac. Who knew?

Still have to keep syncing the iPod on the laptop, though, because iTunes is a stupid bitch and you can only sync with ONE computer, even though you can authorize iTunes for up to five. Stupid poopy iTunes.

It's hard to believe a week ago I was chugging coffee shots at 1/hour and wanting to crap myself with fear I'd not make the deadline. It seems like a dream now.
I am on to finishing commissions for Kynn, Jodi and Brian.
I am finishing the Prickles ordered (gulp) last year. Anyone who's waiting for a CAPE 2007 Prickle will get it at CAPE this year. I'll have a few extras to adopt.
I am working on a fun spec project with Shon Howell. Dunno if we're ready to drop the needle yet. It's something to grab attention from/at one of the Big Two, and it undoubtedly will. Even if it's not picked up, I predict attention.
Rumble Girls: RLO begins again in May, after CAPE. I learned in making the story for Tori Amos' CBT that I can paint faster on a Cintiq than I can draw by hand, so RG: RLO will return in COLOR. YEAH. RG: RLO is GAM's big goodie for May, so be sure to check it when it goes live!


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