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In the second of a two-part interview, Tycho of Penny Arcade talks about the Penny Arcade charity Child's Play, business manager Robert Khoo's feet, and reveals how he and Gabe almost lost Penny Arcade forever.
Considering Jerry/Tycho had PAX just two days after we recorded this, and gave me so much of his time, I want to say, as he says to the PAX crowds, "I don't know how to thank [him] with sufficient intensity."

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It's the DivaLea Show 2006 #1 with the first part of my interview with Tycho Brahe of Penny Arcade.

In this installment, Tycho shares his inadvertent exposure to porn, his love of words, and tries to get me to throw down on Internet drama.
Next week, we talk Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice, and Austen fanfic good and bad. No kidding.

A huge thanks to Tycho for his time, Lisa Jonte for sidekickin', and Tim at for his help with techie issues and for turning me on to the goodness that is podsafe music!

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Music this week is "Please Don't Break My Atari" by The Dave B Trio:

from the podsafe music network!

Podcast URL, doot doot:

EDIT: Bwahahhaha!
Newly formed Hothead Games announces a title based on [Penny Arcade] is in development.

WHAT'S MY NAME? What DID I say in the interview? That I wanted a game with Gabe's (Mike Krahulik's) art. That I would totally play a Guild Wars that looked like Gabe had drawn it.
I gotta hand it to Tycho. He could've spilled, but he didn't! DAMN YOOOOOO!
I gotta sharpen those spill sklls.

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